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Everything you need to equip and maintain your pool

The essentials

Essential products for pool construction and renovation as well as its environment.

We manufacture and distribute essential products that play a key role in pool construction and renovation, while preserving the environment. Discover the innovative solutions that make aquatic dreams come true, combining technical performance with respect for nature. In this category, we focus on excellence and durability to create spaces for relaxation and happiness.

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Custom-made products

Custom-made watertight and protective equipment.

Discover products specially designed to meet your needs. Our innovative solutions guarantee optimum watertightness while preserving the longevity of your pool. Whether you’re a private pool owner, an aquatic complex manager or an industry professional, we guarantee the excellence and reliability of your customized aquatic spaces.

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The products and equipment needed to ensure water quality.

We offer innovative products and solutions specifically designed to maintain chemical balance, filter impurities and preserve the purity of your pool. We strive for excellence and comfort, to create exceptional aquatic environments for the well-being of all.

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All the solutions to make the pool a unique and special place. Product ranges dedicated to well-being and fragrance.

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The solutions

Turnkey solutions for a do-it-yourself pool (Azteck, Zodiac Original or Kit Easy), spas, polystyrene blocks (CFBlock X) or ultra-practical site equipment such as CFTank or CFDome.

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Connected items

Do you dream of controlling your pool with your smartphone? You can do it, especially with the LivePool application, which allows you to control your cover, your filtration pump, your electrolyser, your lights or your cleaning robot!

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