Our purpose

Why CF group exists

Making the enjoyment of safe and healthy water accessible to everybody through sustainable uses of natural resources

We believe that water is a precious and vital resource for all mankind, and that we all have a responsibility to protect and manage it effectively. As the market leader in swimming pools and water treatment, we are aware of our important role in promoting responsible water use.






CF group will not only be active in the swimming pools industry, but also in the sustainable treatment of the earth’s drinking water.”

Cedrik Mayer-Klenk, CEO of CF group





We have developed innovative technologies for water filtration and disinfection to reduce water loss and waste, while ensuring clean and safe water for bathers.

We are further committed to prefer drinking tap water over bottled water as it is more ecological and economical by avoiding the generation and recycling of many plastic bottles. Given the fact that the provided water is of good quality, which varies from region to region. We therefore offer equipment to filter drinking water directly at the tap, to go beyond the water quality regulations in force.

Finally, we strive to be responsible in the use of resources: sourcing natural resources (particularly for our wellness products), researching water treatment solutions that are less polluting, recycling liners, sorting, etc.


We all do everything to make tomorrow an even more exciting project

We are the only European family-owned multi-specialist manufacturer and distributor in the pool and water care market to offer an outstanding customer experience thanks to the daily commitment of our teams.

Are you curious to see how this is reflected in our teams’ daily work?

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