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A family group

CF group was created in 2019 from the merger of two family-owned industrial groups with shared values and complementary expertise: Chemoform AG and FIJA SAS. Today we are proud to be one of the European leaders in the manufacture and distribution of equipment for private and public swimming pools for professionals.

CF group is the continuation of two family histories, one of which began in 1962 in Wendlingen, Germany, for CHEMOFORM AG, and the other in 1975 in Brécé, France, for FIJA SAS. Two entrepreneurial backgrounds, which have always expanded close to their customers throughout Europe, both with wide and complementary product ranges: construction, renovation, consumables, above-ground pools, etc.

The European

We currently operate in more than 40 countries, mainly in Europe, with 17 dedicated production and logistics sites. Our ambition is to continue our international growth dynamic while maintaining local roots and a close relationship with our long-standing customer base.

With more than 18 brands dedicated to swimming pool equipment, as well as working with many well-known brands, CF group is a professional, serious and sustainable player in all distribution channels.


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Our corporate culture
at the heart of our growth

For CF group, corporate culture is not just a concept. High standards, commitment, trust, freedom and transparency are the principles that guide us.

CF group is the combination of two corporate cultures, based for decades on high standards and trust –  high standards in terms of the quality of products, teams and processes, which justify the trust of our customers.

The industrial, commercial, logistical and human synergies generated will lead to new developments.



Artner Handels GmbH joins CF group

Artner Handels GmbH, better known under its trade name Pool Partner, will join CF group on 1 February 2023. The company is very strong in the Austrian market and has 80 employees and a turnover of €20 million in 2022.


Starline group B.V. joins Chemoform AG

Starline group B.V. was founded in 1974. It is a leading manufacturer and distributor of polypropylene and composite swimming pools, pool covers and water treatment systems in the Benelux and UK markets.


Chemoform AG acquires CF group Adria doo and becomes the majority shareholder of Time4wellness GmbH


Foundation of CF group


2 companies join Chemoform AG: Unipool Swimmingpools + Fitness GmbH and FIJA SAS

Unipool Swimmingpools + Fitness GmbH is a company founded in 1977 and FIJA SAS was founded in 1989

2015 – 2017

2 companies join Chemoform AG: Balena GmbH and Dr. Nüsken Chemie GmbH

Balena GmbH is a young company founded in 2010 and Dr. Nüsken Chemie GmbH is a company dating back to 1934


3 companies join Chemoform AG: Heissner GmbH, Dinotec GmbH and Aqualux SAS

Heissner GmbH was founded in 1872, Dinotec GmbH was founded in 1987 and Aqualux SAS was founded in 1973


Cedrik Mayer-Klenk takes over Chemoform AG


Chemoform AG is founded

by Dr. Gerhard Mayer-Klenk in Wendlingen, Germany