CF, the new CF group brand

As part of a drive to consolidate its brand portfolio, CF group is changing its Vitalia brand name to CF, 2 letters that stand for a wide range of high-performance, reliable equipment, with the protection of people and the environment at the heart of its DNA.

Launched at the end of 2023, CF is positioned as the Group’s swimming pool equipment brand, leading the way on the issues of sensible and virtuous use of swimming pools. Thanks to CF, our customers can now rely on a single brand for products that truly satisfy their search for high-performance, innovative equipment while helping to protect the environment.

The brand

CF is committed to creating more eco-responsible swimming pools for the well-being of users and the preservation of the environment, while positioning itself as the unique multi-expert brand combining technical reliability and environmental protection. CF’s core values of honesty, transparency, reliability and expertise guide every aspect of its business, building long-term relationships of trust with its customers.


As a European brand, CF focuses on accessibility and durability, striving to be the trusted partner for swimming pool equipment and maintenance, accessible to all.

“We believe in a swimming pool that provides wellbeing while respecting the nature that surrounds us.”

The products

The CF brand’s product range includes a variety of essential equipment for professionals (BtoB) and private individuals (BtoC) looking for the best quality for their pools.

These include :

  • A range of pool fittings that combine aesthetics with perfect pool sealing.
  • High-performance, high-resistance filters for crystal-clear water.
  • Filtration pumps, available in fixed-speed or variable-speed versions, for remarkable energy efficiency.
  • Electrical panels designed for easy equipment management and total control of the pool.
  • A range of heat pumps for every need, to keep the water at an ideal temperature all year round.
  • High-performance, agile robotic cleaners for all pools.
  • Pool covers that combine safety, design and ease of use.
  • High-quality covers to maintain water temperature.


All CF products are designed to offer exceptional durability and optimum performance. In addition, CF is committed to providing quality customer service, with dedicated teams on hand to answer everyone’s needs and questions.

Press contact:

Claire Arnold – CF group Communications Director