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With 3.2 million private swimming pools, France has become the European leader in swimming pool installation and the second worldwide, behind the United States. These continually increasing record figures highlight the French enthusiasm for swimming pools. However, between global ecological awareness and repeated droughts, there are certain calls for restraint when it comes to swimming pools. However, for CF group, a major European company that manufactures and distributes swimming pool products and equipment, the environment and swimming pools are not incompatible.

In order to offer an eco-responsible package for a more invested swimming pool that is economical in water and energy, CF group has integrated environmental concerns into all aspects of its operations for several years.

CF group Technocentre:
meeting the challenge of creating the eco-responsible pool

Committed to the swimming pools of the future, the CF group Technocentre brings together a team of 21 people dedicated to new technologies and innovation, to speed up the implementation of innovative projects that stand out from the competition. Anticipation of and respect for natural resources are the mantra of the Technocentre, which is divided into three areas: innovation, technical mastery and adaptation to uses.

All products are developed, manufactured and distributed by the group. The teams are actively working on several angles, such as mainstreaming natural resources in the research phase, the search for alternatives to current disinfecting products, the chemistry and optimisation of salt water use, the design of less energy-consuming pools, cartridge filters, solar-powered safety shutters or variable speed pumps for a more rational use.

This is why CF group has been working for several years toward a less energy-consuming swimming pool that combines continual optimisation and unlimited comfort. To achieve this, the Technocentre has forged exclusive partnerships with major industrial groups and technological experts, such as its collaboration with the startup Purecontrol: a solution for optimising pool energy through artificial intelligence. The Technocentre team also works with 22 accredited laboratories and has 8 integrated pools, as well as a range of prototyping and testing tools (chemical laboratory, 3D printers, etc.).

23 major products have been developed in the last three years. Today, 15 new projects are underway. CF group listens to the needs of users and provides them with connected pool equipment for controlled, regular and constant energy consumption. For example, the LivePool-Care technology is an online water analysis and personalised recommendation application. It facilitates the control of swimming pool equipment in private homes, using connected clocks and controls. Professionals can also organise the management of their pool equipment, perform remote diagnostics or carry out troubleshooting operations using this technology.

As an eco-responsible player in the pool market, CF group is proud to be part of environmental preservation while also offering quality equipment to its users.

Committed to environmental standards

The company is committed to offering ever more ethical, sustainable and environmentally-friendly products, while remaining rooted mainly in France and Europe to promote short shipping routes and participate in the development of future regulations.
As a member of the French Federation of Swimming Pool Professionals (FPP), the company has actively been part of establishing the environmental standard NF EN 17645 on swimming pool awareness. This standard evaluates the environmental performance of domestic swimming pools and their equipment. The standard is applicable to permanently installed outdoor domestic swimming pools. A standard, which is not mandatory today, but which is already fully integrated by CF group’s Research & Development teams.

Source: FPP 2022.

CF group

CF group, a German family group with a European dimension

Established 60 years ago in Wendlingen-am-Neckar (Baden-Württemberg) in Germany,
CF group is one of the leaders in the manufacture and distribution of equipment and consumables (water treatment) for private and public swimming pools.

Operating in more than 40 countries with 12 dedicated production and logistics sites,
CF group plans to continue its international growth while maintaining local roots and a close relationship with its long-standing customer base.

With more than 18 brands dedicated to swimming pool equipment, as well as working with many well-known brands, CF group is a professional, serious and sustainable player in all distribution channels.


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Claire Arnold – CF group Communications Director