Ethics and transparency

Ethics and transparency are developed in all departments within the CF group

A code of business conduct
to set the framework

We uphold legality, fairness, and responsibility in all actions, contracts, and measures. Our code of conduct fosters ethical behavior, guiding all employees regardless of position. It helps manage legal risks and critical situations. 

As an international company, CF group adheres to laws and regulations in each country of operation. Compliance with policies and local laws is mandatory for all employees, with violations subject to disciplinary action.

An anti-corruption code of conduct
to guide our teams

In line with our code of ethical conduct, CF group promotes and formalises the rules that apply to all our subsidiaries and their employees. Foremost among these is the fight against corruption and influence peddling.

This fight is of the utmost importance to our group and is in line with the values of loyalty, honesty and transparency that drive us.

It illustrates what corruption is, its forms, its challenges, its risks, and presents rules of good conduct and the disciplinary consequences that flow from them.

This anti-corruption and influence peddling code is applied to all persons bound by a contract to CF group. No one within the group may disregard it, regardless of their hierarchical level.

An internal
reporting system

Our whistleblowing system allows all CF group employees to alert us to situations or behaviour that are contradictory to our ethical principles via their direct or indirect line manager or via a structural e-mail box

Our purchasing

The Group’s purchasing policy integrates sustainability and social responsibility criteria in the selection of our suppliers and the products we buy. It includes requirements for compliance with environmental and social standards, ethics and transparency in supply chains, as well as a preference for fair and local suppliers wherever possible.